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3D Design Exercise


Waterfront Patio in Marin County

Bathroom in Marin County

Family Room in Marin County


Holdaplate Designs

Jewelry Rendering

Tetra Lamp

Anna Valdez Web

Rocking Chair Redesign

Flexible Planter

Fruit Platter

Playing Card Vortex

Pivot Panel Wall

Restaurant Search Engine

Skincare Brand Design

Villa #62 in Ordos, China

Arusha Canyon Botanic Garden

Sensoria: one-sidedness

Transformations for NYC MoMA Expansion

Honey Bee Pavilion

AEV Hotel & Condo

Modular ā€œJā€ Hooks

LED Pendant V.1

LED Pendant V.2

LED Wall Scone 25

Light and Material Study

Simplified Daylight Harvesting

Caballo Blanco Renovation

Cube House

Rocking Chair V.1

San Francisco Fine Art Office

Union Office

Public Library

Town Hall Renovation