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Caballo Blanco Renovation

By ding

On 10, Jun 2013 | In | By ding

Caballo Blanco Renovation

Caballo Blanco has been serving the South Sacramento area authentic Mexican food for nearly forty years. The family-own restaurant used to host numerous Latin musical events on the second level of the restaurant years ago. Yet, the space has been idle and hidden under a large green awning ever since the restaurant stopped hosting these events. The objective of this project is to redesign a brand new and exciting interior for the second story that would bring the 9,588 square feet restaurant back to its days of grandeur and create a conference event facility for the community.

In order to create a sense of opening and rediscover the beauty of this space, a large portion of the ten-feet high ceiling has been raised and replaced with skylight windows. This is not only provides additional natural light into the space, but also demonstrates the splendor of the architecture. The wood trusses are no longer to be hidden.

Decorative columns were added to the space, along with the refinished maple floor and new custom designed doors. The windows and walls have been painted in maroon and yellow, giving vibrancy to the space and representing traditional Mexican colors. Finally, four palm trees are planted at the corner of Franklin Boulevard and Fruitridge Road, bringing a tropical flare to the restaurant and to announce its reopening.

Site / Building: Sacramento, CA
This project was a collaboration with Liem Dang (UC Davis Design 06′)

Award: First Prize – 2006 Design by Design Annual Student Exhibition at the University of California, Davis

Model Scale: 1/4″ = 1′ – 0″
Model Dimension: 20″ L x 24″ W x 7″ H
Material: Plastic, Balsa Wood, Basswood and Foamboard

Studio: Patricia Harrison (2006)
Guest Critic: Owner of Caballo Blanco Restaurant