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Pivot Panel Wall

On 11, Jun 2013 | In | By ding

Pivot Panel Wall

The Pivot Panel addresses the unique and layered context of live/work environments. Our team proposed the product as a flexible space divider with variable heights, is easily reconfigurable and is sensitive to the acoustic and privacy needs of individuals doing focused work tasks.

Our product solutions are considering issues of mobility while still providing stability and a “permanent” aesthetic. Opportunities for personal and collective brand expression are considered through passive or active media, allowing end-users to customize their wall system and express their unique and individual identity.

This project was a collaboration with Changsoon Park and Erick Katzenstien [PennDesign M.Arch 10′]: I executed the concept developments, sketches, drawings, renderings and 3D modeling.

University of Pennsylvania – School of Design, Department of Architecture 2009/2010 portfolio

Studio: Jordan Goldstein
Weekly Guest Critics: President and Chief Sales Officer, Transwall