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Restaurant Search Engine

On 11, Jun 2013 | In | By ding

Restaurant Search Engine

Garnish’s vision is to be the leading personalized recommendation engine for restaurants, bars, and clubs. Project objectives are three-fold: Provide the most personalized recommendations tailored to customers’ interests. Be adaptable to consumers’ changing preferences. Be as accurate as a friend who both knows the city and the consumer impeccably well.

Our principles revolve around the user: Never settle for universal thoughts. Always strive for personalization. Your uniqueness is important. Restaurants, bars and clubs have personalities, just like you do. You have different preferences when you’re in different moods. We respect this. Provide healthy choices and compare restaurants based on dietary needs.

Garnish’s mission is to provide users searching for area bars or restaurants with a uniquely personalized experience. No longer will users be forced to scour through “editor lists” or “best-rated” establishments in order to find something that is palatable to his or her interests; Garnish will allow each user to sort through a list of recommendations made exclusively for him or her.

The team developed user interface concepts and business plans. I was also responsibled to create sketches, graphics, flash introduction movie, and user interface mock ups. We explored the following Creativity Tools and Creative Problem Solving Techniques, which helped us generate creative solutions to our problems.

– Scenario planning
– Environmental trends analysis
– Focused group interviews
– Analysis of competitive products
– Morphological analysis
– Mind mapping
– Concept fan
– Interdisciplinary
– Synectics
– Picture/phrase/picture/phrase game
– Suggestion box
– Consumer complaints
– Applications from different fields [examples of success]
– Decision lens
– Observation
– Role playing
– Challenge all business assumptions
– Create an innovative mindset

Professor: Jerry (Yoram) Wind
This project was a collaboration with Wharton 11′ MBAs: Ashley Blackmon and Mariel Ilardi [the original concept developers], Christelle Kheir and Sophia Umar.

Web introduction: [Launch]
Graphic, interaction, website mock-up, and flash animation – Designed by Ding Liu