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Rocking Chair Redesign

On 11, Jun 2013 | In | By ding

Rocking Chair Redesign

I am always in search of new experiences and knowledge, not just in the field of design but also in life. The Rocking Chair Redesign – 2006 is an example of my constant revival of ideas and inspiration throughout my work. By using two shapes: an oval and rectangle, I was able to create a simple, yet functional design. This is a hand-made rocker that is constructed with Italian birch and bending ply. Two ovals were carefully measured and crafted as the main structural support. A ridge system has been selected as the main construction method and structure for the rocker. A few sheets of Italian bending ply were veneered as the exterior finish. Finally, a piece of three quarter inch birch is inserted and penetrates the chair as the back support.

Model Material: Plastic
Model Dimension: 3″ L x 1.75″ W x 3.25″ H
Chair Material: Italian Bending Plywood and Birch
Chair Dimension: 36″ L x 22″ W x 38″ H

Studio: Bob Morgan (2006)