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Simplified Daylight Harvesting

On 10, Jun 2013 | In | By ding

Simplified Daylight Harvesting

“The new simplified daylighting control system is composed of a microcontroller, a photo sensor, an optional occupancy sensor and optional user controls. These components can be integrated into single product/units, or be combined through wired and/or wireless communications for a variety of products and systems addressing an array of applications. The new system offers auto and continuous calibration, along with user adjustable on/off set points for light switching.”

(Information was taken from the UC Davis office of Research, the description of the Simplified Daylight Harvesting.)

Dr. Konstantinos Papamichael and Keith Graeber invented this technology at the California Lighting Technology Center. I was responsible for creating a set of 3D models and renderings of the remote control, wall controls and interior perspectives.