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Skincare Brand Design

On 11, Jun 2013 | In | By ding

Skincare Brand Design

I proposed more than 60 varieties of logos for Bionee – A certified, organic maternity skincare company. I focused on six objectives that people associate with the brand: natural, organic, feminine, baby, pure and refresh (based on a study of 100 people). I chose a lotus flower to symbolize compassion, purity, regeneration and the continuing cycle of life.

– Motherhood – Aspiring towards the golden sun, the lotus finally blossoms into an exquisite flower, reflecting the joy of motherhood.
– Pregnancy – As the lotus continues to grow, the beauty of its soft petals reflect the purity of bearing one’s child.
– Baby – Their modest beginnings as a delicate blushing bud, a sign of innocence and promise.

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