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Tetra Lamp

On 19, Aug 2013 | In | By ding

Tetra Lamp

Tetra Lamp is a tetrahedron-shaped modular ambient lighting system comprised of stand-alone units that connect and illuminate by way of an unique magnet architecture. Tetra Lamp is useful in and around the house: on the bedside, at the BBQ, on the windowsill or on the patio. Tetra Lamp is practical for everyday use but unique enough for special occasions. Portable and cordless, Tetra Lamp lends a festive accent to parties and enhances the cozy atmosphere of a quiet evening at home.

The Tetra Lamp is an innovative and versatile LED portable lighting system that is also interactive, allowing you to create a wide variety of shapes that can be configured and reconfigured. Tetra Lamp also provides soothing ambient light for a wide variety of settings from lighting a bath, a child or guest’s room, or even a cocktail or pool party.

The Tetra Lamp is an LED rechargeable light that takes what you love about novelty lamps and candles, but makes it safer and more practical for your many lighting needs. Tetra Lamp does not pose a fire threat like that of unattended lamps and candles. Tetra Lamp is also brighter than a candle, with the ability to automatically illuminate when a light module magnetically connects to any of the four surfaces of the battery module. Illumination can be increased by magnetically connecting additional light modules. The battery module easily plugs into your wall outlet and automatically recharges for the next use.

Tetra Lamp is a hassle-free solution that ensures years of enjoyment without the inconvenience of frequent battery changes. Pack includes 3 LED lights with a built-in rechargeable battery module and charging cable. Tetra Lamp can illuminate for up to twenty hours on one charge.

Size: 4.5″ Tetrahedron

Advisers: Jennifer Buck, Mark Yim, William Braham, Peter Bressler, Sarah Rottenberg.
Special thanks to: Nicholas Araujo and John Zox

[ Work in Progress ]