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Transformations for NYC MoMA Expansion

On 10, Jun 2013 | In | By ding

Transformations for NYC MoMA Expansion

The design of our building informs new social interaction between daytime galleries and night time theatric events. The addition to the MoMA will be a economic catalyst to increase pubic activity levels and density of population occupying the building within a 24 hour time zone as suppose to a 12 hour operating MoMA.

Spatial Qualities and Features
– Elongate: Transitional space and horizontal circulation
– Bifurcation: vertical circulation
– Angularity: Spatial typologies
– Fold/Crease: Spatial features and qualities
– Porosity: Spatial Atmosphere and Effects

Programmatic Transformation: Economic Catalyst
– 24 hour operating building vs. regular operating hour
– Day / Night activities integration and transformation

Public Economic Drivers:
– Retail / Restaurant
– Music lounge / club
– Auditorium / Performing Theater
– Galleries / Roof Playground

Private Economic Drivers:
– Artisti Studio workshops and classrooms
– Temporary Art Installation Galleries
– Office/ Business Center

Site: New York, NY

This project was a group collaboration with Tina Fang and David Chen [PennDesign M.Arch 10′] on design concepts and developments, plans, sections, 3d modeling, renderings. I worked solely to create construction drawings, and physical models (paper and wood).

Identity PennDesign Student Show – 2009

Studio: Hina Jamelle / Ali Rahim
Structure Consultant: David Scott – Principal at Arup New York City