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Villa #62 in Ordos, China

On 10, Jun 2013 | In | By ding

Villa #62 in Ordos, China

This proposal for a 1000 square meter villa in Inner Mongolia, China is part of a development of 100 villas to be designed by 100 architects from 27 different countries. The project is coordinated by Ai Wei Wei of Fake Design, Beijing and Herzog & de Meuron, Basel. The villa we propose in Ordos is designed and experienced as an artificial mountain for a tenant who may be a wonderer in this new culture. We refer to current geological culture of coal mining near Ordos and shapes of the many interior mountains and caves in the region. As on any hill, the villa is traversed via multiple paths and ways of going up, down or around.

There are two main promenades that define the architecture of the villa, one outside and one inside. The outside promenade is anample and open path along the landscaped areas all the way to the top of the building. A guest can experience the architecture almost without entering the house. The promenade inside is a journey through all the vital parts of the villa. It starts with a cavernous entrance cut through the mountainous shape of the house and end in the bedrooms quarters. These two promenades meet several times along their way bringing qualities of the inside and outside world together. The expressive nature of the shape of the villa comes from the play between public and the private, curating them together in the dominant shape of the architecture of the villa.

Site: Villa 62 – Ordos, Inner Mongolia, P.R. China

I participated all phases of the design process. Worked closely with all NAO designers in the creation and execute of design concepts and developments. Worked as the lead 3D modeler, model maker, and rendering person. Assisted in Chinese translation for documents and presentations.

Publications and Exhibitions:
– Featured in No.11 Entropy issue of 32BNY Magazine from New York | June 2010
– Abitare magazine | Oct 2009
– Ordos 100 Exhibition. Basel, Switzerland | June 2009
“The inevitable cultural negotiations when building a city in the 21st Century”
– Harvard Design Magazine | Spring 2009 Issue
– Archi Blog | Feb 2009
– Archi Daily | Jan 2009
– DaNS magazine | Nov 2008
– The Architectural League in New York Exhibition. New York, NY | Sept 2008

Curator: Ai Weiwei
Source: Normal Architecture Office

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